Whirlwind Weekend

Whoa- this weekend went by fast! Perhaps it was the fact that it’s probably the only weekend since I’ve moved to Colorado that I haven’t gone hiking! I’m already having withdrawal. This weekend was too packed with other things going on to fit in a single hike- but I’m pretty sure I’ll get my fix on Wednesday (Greg and I are planning on hiking Mt. Bierstadt!).

Saturday morning started bright and early due to a super secret project that Greg and I were involved in. I can’t give many details about it right now, but I will say that it involved a photographer and crew, hair + make-up and wardrobe styling and about 6 hours of shooting in a few different locations. One of which was my backyard!


I hate to be so vague, but I promise that I’ll share all of the details next month when I’m allowed to. (And no, I’m not having a baby.)

When I was done with all of the morning’s activities, I raced over to the grand opening of a gym that I’ll be teaching a few classes a week at.


Thick N Thin Studio is a gym with a really unique concept: it’s exclusively for plus-size people! You can read more about it here (I’m quoted in that article!!). The gym itself is really an exercise studio offering a variety of different classes, and members must be at least 30 lbs. overweight (according to the BMI scale). And just an FYI- if members happen to lose weight and fall into a healthy range, they are not kicked out (the idea is “through thick and thin”).

I am teaching a class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings called “Total Body Conditioning,” which is a combination of cardio and strength training that targets every major muscle group. I am amazed that there aren’t more gyms like this around- I think the idea is brilliant! I am really excited be a part of it and am eager to see what the response is like. During the grand opening on Saturday, I led a 20-minute demo class. It was a lot of fun to finally be teaching again because I have missed it SO much! (I’m still trying to find a gym to teach Bodypump and Spinning at. It’s hard to find that during the summer because many gyms cut classes during summer months. Hopefully I’ll have more luck when school starts!)

After the long day, I was definitely wiped out. Luckily, the only other plans we had made was to have Paige and her husband over for dinner. This may be only the second time Paige and I have ever hung out where we weren’t wearing hiking or yoga clothes. 😉


We ate delicious food (like the bacon-wrapped dates that Paige brought!!), drank beer and talked until the late hour of 9:00pm. I’m glad to have other friends that appreciate getting to bed early. 🙂

The evening ended with a beautiful rainbow.



Sunday began with an immense butt-kicking at the gym, thanks to LiveFit Trainer. I began Week 11 with a BANG:


Holy crap. This workout BURNED. I did four rounds of this circuit and my quads were reminding me of it the entire day (and still are today!). I’m really excited to only have this week and next left of the LiveFit- the last phase is intense!

My friend Shayla came over a little later in the morning. We’ve been friends since my sophomore year of college and were big art nerds together.

lunch table

Shayla was in town from New York for work and had a flight back home later that day, and it was so great to hang out with her! We only get to hang out once or twice a year, but it’s always like no time has passed. We headed into Boulder for lunch, shopping and people watching on Pearl Street.

We definitely saw some of Boulder’s finest (like this guy that Shayla managed to snap a pic of):


Ahh… I love it here. 🙂

I dropped Shayla off at the airport later in the afternoon- and all of the sudden, it was Sunday night!

I’ve got a crazy week ahead (and a crazy weekend to follow), including celebrating my 2-year wedding anniversary! But, as always, that’s crazy good.

Have a great Monday!

What did you do this weekend? Do you feel like some weekends seem to go by faster than others?

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